Detox and rehabilitation

Up to 12 week programmes

Community detox is offered for opiate, alcohol and benzodiazepines. There’s prescribing support from our specialist nursing team.

Residential detox can be an option.  An out of  area option is also offered for a wide range of alcohol and substance dependence.

The service team currently supports  opiate or alcohol dependent service users.

Achieving abstinence

You’ll work within a two to 12 week programme with a clear abstinence goal to be clean.

We reach out to vulnerable and high risk service users to make sure they are fully engaged with the detox.

Our staff work across the recovery centres with service users that are ready to commence a medically assisted detox to achieve abstinence.  We’ll work with you to look at your needs and decide the best options for you within the county or in residential support outside the area.

We’ll manage the preparation for detox, planning, completion and relapse prevention, including engagement with one to one and group work.

Access to a range of aftercare services in Co. Durham,  including peer support, will be organised by your key worker to ensure your recovery journey continues after treatment has been successful.