SilverCloud is an on demand, digital mental health platform that can provide you with 24/7 mental health support that you can access anytime, anywhere.

It is a private and confidential way to start your own personal mental health journey. SilverCloud is dedicated to breaking down barriers through this platform.

Our service provides free access to the programme to all of our clients across County Durham.

Women using SilverCloud on her laptop with navy background and caption: "SilverCloud by Amwell, Online Mental Health Support That Works!"

Knowing where to start to improve your mental health is the hardest part, please watch the video below to see how SilverCloud could help you.

Your mental health is important which is why SilverCloud also provides people with the option to access great support outside of County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service’s usual working hours.

It is offered as one part of a support package for people we help. If you want to sign up, speak to your Recovery Coordinator, or give us call on 0300 266 666.