Needle Exchange and Supervised Consumption

Needle Exchange

In order to keep you as safe as possible, a small number of pharmacies in County Durham provide needle exchange in order to reduce equipment sharing among injecting drug users. This service is strictly confidential, helps users to reduce high risk injecting behaviours and protect their health, and provides safe disposal facilities for used injecting equipment.

Supervised consumption

The service team can support you by prescribing substitute medication for your opiate dependence.

In line with common practice across the UK, we’ll introduce you to a local pharmacy. Staff there can offer you  further support by supervising you taking this medication in a safe, professional, and confidential environment.

About two thirds of pharmacies in County Durham provide this ‘supervised consumption’ service to support your recovery. The Service will discuss with you what you can expect from the pharmacy and also what the pharmacy will expect of you, for example – behaving in courtesy manner towards pharmacy staff, attending the pharmacy alone, and accepting that pharmacy staff are likely to ask for proof of ID.

Click here for a list of  Needle Exchanges across the county