Virtual Home and Away Day

Humankind, Spectrum, Liaison & Diversion staff and volunteers attended the on-line event, the first of its kind for the service, aimed at supporting staff during COVID-19.

Diane Erskine, Business Support Manager came up with an outline for a virtual Away Day following COVID-19 restrictions which meant a normal staff away day was not an option.  A working party was formed to design the day.

George Hollingsworth Project Manager  said “The team really got into the spirit of the day.  It is so important for us to take time out and show our dedicated workers that we appreciate what they do, day in day out”.  

This was our day! 

HK Executive Director/Ted Haughey, HK Director NE/Christine Ormerod, Spectrum Partnership Manager/Andy Pearson gave an opening welcome speech.

Ted Haughey said “The away days are very important, staff team across County Durham are fantastic and have achieved so much over this very difficult period.  This was an opportunity to say thank you and heart felt. It felt more important than ever to create this space for people to connect and have fun together, I hope everyone enjoyed the day.”

The day started with a competition for best breakfast to win breakfast for two, with a wide range of entries.

Following an introduction session the group held a virtual dance/movement session delivered by Jack Thompson and Venessa Vince-Pang.   This was followed by a team scavenger hunt.  The afternoon started with time out, a Bake Off competition with a Happy theme and a design a t-shirt competition.  The day ended with Bingo and staff awards.

This first County Durham D&A Service, virtual away day proved to be a great success, with staff enjoying the engagement with each other during this difficult time.

Phil Ransome said “It was a real privilege to be part of three days and to see the huge effort and engagement everyone gave to making their home and away day special. The feedback received has been brilliant, we are so pleased that team members enjoyed their day.”

Christine Ormerod said “A huge thank you and well done for 3 very very successful home and away days.   We’ve positively engaged with the best part of 100+ staff and volunteers and it seems it’s all been very well received by everyone.”