“Wasted this Summer?” is the question from the County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service


Wasted this Summer is the title of a new campaign aimed at helping party-going young people in the county to make wiser choices about their behaviour over the summer.

Clare Chambers, Director of the County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service said: “The messages that we are trying to get out there aren’t about not having fun but about doing so in a way that you and others aren’t put at risk.

“People can get carried away at summer parties and especially at festivals. Wasted This Summer offers practical advice to help people be clued up about what they are doing, so they can then make safer choices about alcohol and drugs.”

The service website will have leaflets and posters available for download for any health or community organisation across the county. Social media messages can also be shared with the hashtag #WastedSummer.

Hints and tips include advice on staying hydrated, how to minimise risks and what to do in the event of someone being unwell.

Copies of the posters and leaflets can be obtained by contacting County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service on 03000 266 666 or emailing durhamcontact@humankindcharity.org.uk.

Click on the images below to download a pdf version of the posters and leaflets.