Our Winter Sparkles campaign is aimed at helping people who use our service,  as well as the wider public, through the dark months of winter.

Research* has highlighted the particular problems associated with depression following Christmas, especially in groups who have significant problems with drug and alcohol issues. To help Drug and Alcohol service users beat the winter blues, a new campaign promoting #sparklethroughwinter has been launched by DISC.

A selection of posters have been developed so users of our services can easily see and understand these messages. They use strong imagery to enhance the messages on how to help make winter ‘sparkle’,  with themes ranging from leisure, health and friendship. Alongside the posters, a variety of supportive posts on our new facebook page and twitter feed are scheduled to run throughout February.

*Leo Sher, Alcoholism and seasonal affective disorder, Comprehensive Psychiatry

We’ve already distributed these posters in all our Recovery Centres. But we know these posters can help throughout the county. Feel free to download and print out our A4 #sparklethroughwinter posters here. Just click the poster images.